Working on My 6-pack Abs

Triathletes rejoice. Look what I discovered at Whole Foods this weekend – Kona Brewing Company’s Fire Rock Pale Ale. Now, how could I resist? After all, this just may be the closest I get to Kona.

What better way to celebrate making it through another big base week of training for my first half Ironman? I was ready to crack open a brew. Anything to help me restore some of the weight I lost in the past couple of months. I’m discovering this is proving to be more of a challenge than I thought it would be with this training schedule. To put it in perspective, my friend’s 4-lb. rescue kitten gained more weight than I did last week. He doesn’t have a name yet, only a number “734.” Okay, his nickname is “Champ.” It's a good thing that he reminds me of a dog. If he weren’t so darn cute, I’d be really mad at him for outgaining me. Here he is playing tug-of-war with the toy snake I got him.

But I digress, back to da' beer. Fire Rock definitely has a microbrew taste to it. Sort of a cross between a Fat Tire Ale and an Amstel Light. Very tasty and satisfying. And under each cap is the definition of a Native Hawaiian word. “Moana” is “ocean.” “Mo’o” is “lizard.” I stopped at two. Didn’t want to have a dry mouth for Sunday’s brick. So you’ll have to pick up some Fire Rock, and we’ll have a virtual toast.