What’s It Like to Be Fast?

A couple of days ago I had my first track workout with the Runner’s High Club. It was fun and humbling at the same time. The next day, I ventured into their store — right next to where I was getting my mountain bike adjusted.

A nice college kid named Jason came over to help me. I noticed his Beach Track & Field sweatshirt and realized he was a local college athlete. I was curious about race flats for short-course events. But when I saw him, I had to ask, “What event do you do?” “5000 meters,” he replied.

My interval workout had me wondering how real track athletes train these days. “What are your workouts like?” I asked. He was kind enough to let me know.

“A typical week for me is 16 miles on Sunday, mile repeats on Tuesday, and hills on Thursday. Easy miles in between for about 90 miles per week.”

“So you don’t do track workouts every day?” I asked. “Nah, that’s old school.” I laughed. “Yeah, my coaches used to make us do intervals every single day.“

“What’s your best time for the 5K? “15:03 – I’m slow,” he answered. He was being way too humble. I protested, “Oh, come on. That’s fast.” “No really, it’s not…” Then he turned me on to some racing flats, Nike Zoom Eldoret II, that he thought would be great for my next Olympic distance race. I’ll get them later. And I’ll look forward to hearing how his season is going, cruisin’ at a pokey 5-minute mile pace. Must be nice to be fast.