What’s in a name?

One of my favorite things about the Camp Pendleton Mud Run is seeing the teams show up in all their glory. Decked out in creative uniforms, homemade t-shirts, and bubbly personalities. Nothing like a few weekend warriors in wigs and tutus.

I've always admired creativity. It’s what drew me to a career in advertising. So when I see a catchy name, I have to give it props. Here are some of my favorite team names from last Saturday’s race:

Beer Nuts
5 Dirty Sailors
Holy Genes
Five Fatties
Men of the Muk
Blew By You
Mud’r Flockers
Victorious Secret
Muddy Mommies
Swamp Sisters
Eat Mud
Dirty Blonde
Ladies in Wadin
3 Chicks 2 Dicks
Slippery When Wet
Geezers and Wheezers
The Mud Flaps
Sticks & Chicks
I Fling Dirt
Clearly Insane

Think you could do better? What would you call your team?