What Girls Will Do for Tiffany’s Jewelry.

We did it. My sister, Jane, training partner, Gayla, and I finished the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco on Sunday. At the finish line, we were greeted by firemen dressed in tuxedos, holding silver trays with those little turquoise boxes. Inside each one, a much coveted finisher’s necklace.

The course was deceptively hilly. My Garmin calculated 6,217 feet of elevation gain and 6,404 feet of elevation loss. The field was crowded. We were constantly weaving around people. (More on that later.) My GPS said I did 27.26 miles. My finish time was 4:33:39.

My pre-race nutrition:

3 days of Carbo-Pro in the a.m. and p.m.

Race-day nutrition:

1 Cliff Bar, 1 banana, 1 cup of bad instant coffee
1 Strawberry Banana Gu
1 Vanilla Gu
1 Orange Accelerade Gel
4 Endurolytes
48 oz. of Cytomax
1 Double Latte Caffeinated Power Gel
Lots of water

Post-recovery nutrition:

(We hit the complimentary wine tasting at the hotel as soon as it opened.)

1 Glass of Chardonnay
1 Shot of Sake
1 Glass of Cabernet
Split another bottle of Cabernet, the hotel clerks gave us after observing our delicate gait.
A spread of Chinese food – delivered to our room

Will tell you more, when I have more energy. Still hobbling….