What Can I Enter?

Well, it’s pretty clear that a triathlon isn’t in my short-term future. But like most athletes, I need a goal to fuel the fire. I found one. The 100 Push-ups Challenge.

While I find doing a push-up with an exercise ball to be pretty palatable. I totally choked trying to do a full push-up. Or a full push-up and a half, before I collapsed on my yoga mat in giggles. I have arms like Olive Oil – and it shows.

So after doing this little test, I’ve opted for the alternate “Knee” push-ups. I’m going to follow the 100 Push-ups Challenge 3-day a week training program and see if I can do 100 of them non-stop in six weeks. Will keep you posted. I’m hoping that eventually I can make the transition to full push-ups when I’m done. If you care to join me as a virtual training partner, check out this site and try it at home.

Blogging about it is the next best thing to hitting “submit” on a race form. I’ll just be submitting to a different kind of punishment.