Wanna Go to Kona?

a.) I’d love to compete in the Ironman World Championships some day. b.) I’ve done the race – once was enough.

c.) I’ve done the race – once is never enough.

d.) I won’t rest until I’ve qualified for the event.

e.) If I were offered a lottery slot, I’d take it.

f.) I’d go as a tri-sherpa to support my favorite athlete(s).

g.) I’d go for the sun, surf & drinks with little umbrellas.

h.) No, no way, never, ever.

Okay, I would’ve used Blogger’s poll widget, but it only allows for really short answers. So, since no one from Price Waterhouse is keeping tabs on the results of this informal poll, feel free to leave your answers in the comments section. And for the record, my answer is e, f, and g.