Vacation: Day 1 – Walden Pond & Nesting

On the first day of our vacation back to my old neck of the woods, we came, we saw, we conquered. The locals in Massachusetts pronounce “Concord” just like “Conquered.” The tourists call it “Concorde” like the jet. And Todd, the big tease, spent the rest of the week referring to it as “Con-curd” as often as possible in every conversation. So with hardly any sleep after the red eye, I gave him the tour. First I did something I’ve never done. I took him shopping to a few of my favorite spots. One in particular was Nesting. I introduced Todd to one of the owners, Wendi, who has a flare for displaying the old with the new, and making it all look so inviting. What I loved about this visit was that Wendi had a chance to tell Todd some stories about my mother. My mom used to rave about Nesting, so I’ll carry on the tradition. Afterwards, I took him to Walden Pond and showed him the site of Henry David Thoreau’s cottage. The local park built a replica of his home, too, which we explored. Then we went on a nice hike along the edge of this large pond, which is 1.7 miles across and 103 feet deep. When we arrived at the Lifeguard building and the steps leading to the pond, we met a couple of triathletes. Here are Jennifer and Cary ready to brave the 57-degree water. They looked like strong swimmers as they headed out across the pond. As I came across this sign, a quote from Thoreau, I couldn’t help thinking that this is the philosophy so many of us, triathletes and endurance athletes, embrace.