TYR Warehouse Sale Haul

One of the really great things about being self-employed is that I can get away with taking a couple of hours off during a week day without getting dirty looks from the boss. Nope the boss is totally cool if there’s a TYR Warehouse sale. (Actually, I take it back. She didn’t let me go last year. TriDiver had to pick up a couple of suits for me.)

But this year, I made it. Tomorrow, I’ll make up the time on that video script. Today, it was all about the TYR Warehouse Sale – a once-a-year, epic shopping event. It’s still going on tomorrow – I think until 3:00 p.m. at their warehouse in Huntington Beach. Lots of swimsuits on sale at bargain rates you won’t find anywhere else. This year they also had tons of goggles and flip-flops. I was hoping for swim caps and a backpack, but there weren’t any. It might be a timing thing. They could be there tomorrow. Nevertheless, I was thrilled to find so many cute suits.

So when I return to Master’s swimming next week and my buddies ask, “Is that I new suit?” I’ll answer, “Yes!” – for several workouts in a row. I’m now bordering on being the Imelda Marcos of swimsuits. Make that Minnow Marcos.