Turkey Tread

Instead of doing my usual Turkey Trot, I went to the local pool. We were all grateful for the lifeguard who volunteered to work yesterday. Everyone there was in a great mood, thinking of the feast to come no doubt.

I did 1700 yards with the pull buoy. Then I joined the old ladies in the shallow end and did some laps with the aqua jogging belt on. I came up with a lap, the rectangular perimeter, which I think comes out to 50 yards for a total of 500 yards.

I do enjoy the aqua jogging, but it feels a little too relaxing. Huh? Did I just type that? I need all the relaxation I can get right now. But I’m not getting my HR up or winded from it. I wondered if my legs were really working right, so I ducked my head in the water to watch. Yup, everything looks like running – just no sneakers and socks. It was absurdly fascinating looking at my legs move slowly under water like some instant replay.

Speaking of floating. I love to float my turkey dinner in gravy. Last night my brother-in-law and his brother orchestrated a pretty good prank. They gave me first dibs on the gravy with a ladle that had holes in it. It took me a few scoops to catch on before we all erupted into laughter.