Tri Bartender

It hit me tonight that I have a very strange bar in my kitchen. I’m out of beer, wine and vodka. Yet I’m all stocked up on assortment of drinks that are designed to fuel my body.

I started carbo loading with Carbo Pro today. So tonight I had a scoop of the carbs with 6 oz. of orange juice and 6 oz. of water. Let those glycogen stores become flooded with the white stuff.

I left tonight for my last chilly swim in the Bay before my race, armed with a thermos of hot Cytomax.

Yesterday, I was downing cups of Ctyomax Recovery drink, hoping to add another ounce or two of weight before Saturday.

I find myself shaking all this stuff up with the vigorous finesse of an experienced bartender. But I must admit, I’m really looking forward to a real mixed drink after the race. Maybe a margarita or a pink Cadillac. Something that comes out of a bottle instead of a plastic tub with a measuring spoon.