Todd vs. Tom

Last weekend Todd and I had a little tiff – a rarity for us. It lasted all of ten minutes. He had just returned from a cyclocross race. I had just completed a pretty long brick. We were both high on endorphins and happy that it was beer time. Todd has been racing just about every weekend since September and doing awesome. The nice thing about cyclocross is he doesn’t need me to be there to pass water bottles to him. I’ve been going to the races nearby and enjoying time to myself, training, socializing, getting stuff done, and watching my guilty pleasure shows like Top Chef and Millionaire Matchmaker without him.

Since October, he has told me he wanted me to be there for the finals. So for the past three weeks, I’ve been building up my training in anticipation that training might be difficult during a weekend of cyclocross cheerleading in Bakersfield. I did an extra long brick (for me) with the last hour and a half in the rain so I could be there for my man! I had my cowbell ready.

Imagine my surprise when he announced, “Caroline (his brother’s girlfiend) is not going next week,” he continued, “So we were thinking of just making it a brother trip.” “Is this to save gas?” I riffled back defensively. “Have another beer,” he joked and added, “I want you there, but I don’t want Brad to be traveling alone and we could fit all four bikes (a backup bike for each in the pits just in case) in my car and…and…”

I felt dejected. I felt disappointed. My mind raced ahead in true chick fashion. And then it dawned on me. ‘Easy girl, you want to be home next week. You want to see Tom Brady and the Patriots in the playoff game! Don’t fight this. Embrace it!’

I looked at him. “We can get our own room. You can go if you want. We can work it out,” he stammered. “No that’s okay. I can watch the Patriots game!” I replied with a grin. “Have another beer!” I suggested. He looked at me and smiled. Yeah, this is the man who has had to console me the last two years when my team lost in the early round of playoffs. He knows me.

Yes, I’m that kind of girl. I not only like the sappy romantic movies, I also love my sports. Today while I wait to hear how he does in the finals, I’ll be watching my undefeated alma mater Syracuse University men’s basketball team take on Notre Dame from the trainer. And tomorrow, while I wait to hear how he did in the one-day title event, I’ll be watching my Pats. Pretty much a perfect, rainy weekend here in So Cal.