This Week's Top 6-2-3

• Getting out on my new mountain bike.
• Followed it up with a trail run: 475+ elevation gain in 13 minutes.
• Interval training with the local Runner’s High group.
• Sharing a lane with Bill aka “Backstroke Guy.”
• Biking with Gayla and hearing about her Oceanside Half IM.
• Riding with my Sat. morning group of tri friends and their young triathlon offspring.

• Martin sets a world record for swimming the Amazon, 3,274 miles, in 66 days (see for details).
• My new friend, Bill, swims 3000 yards a day with lots of backstroke and no-breather lengths. He finishes every workout with 50 push-ups on the pool deck. Did I mention he’s 72?

• Going on trail patrol on Easter morning.
• Helping Operation Easter Basket reach its goal of more than 1,250 baskets delivered to needy kids.
• Riding my brand, spanking new mountain bike (more later), and spotting this cactus bloom.