This Week's Top 6-2-3

• Having a really good swim lesson with my coach Beth Hibbard.
• Enjoying the best swim workout of the year the next day.
• Running with triathlete pro Kate Major and a bunch of enthusiastic age groupers. (More on that later. She’s an amazing woman.)
• Running with my big sister, Jane, past all the crew teams that were rowing early in the morning.
• Deciphering my USAT rankings from last year. (More on that later. Pretty funny!)
• Getting a good stretch from my chiropractor — a reminder I need to do a lot more of that on my own.

• Watching the Lakers beat the Warrior’s last night 115-113.
• Hearing the best rendition of the national anthem at a sporting event ever. Boys2Men's a-cappella version gave me goose bumps all over. They were incredible.

• Hearing Brad Kearns, author of “How Lance Does It” and many more books and triathlon articles. What a witty, inspirational guy.
• And hearing how Lance does it.
• Listening to Kate Major’s early triathlon experiences.