This Week’s Top 6-2-3:

Wow, last week came and went faster than a Kona qualifier. Barely, getting in a recap before the next one! Here it goes…

Six – The Memorable Workouts:

• A tempo run on the treadmill.

• A kick-my-butt rowing class that left me drenched.

• A recovery spin with my unpaid cycling coach. His tip for the week: use a recovery pace, but spin those legs faster so they get used to that cadence when it really matters.

• An interval run on the treadmill that included 10 x 400s.

• An open water swim with “Sharon Swimmer” at Corona Del Mar. The ocean was totally dark and spooky on that overcast morning. I figured out kelp pretty much creeps me out! Plus, open water swims just exhaust me. (And, apparently Seven too.)

• A 9.3-mile mixed trail run (photo above). It was slow and in my opinion a little too much, too soon. I’ve been following the Galloway 10K running app on my iPhone. After that I adjusted it down from “Improve My 10K Time” to “My First 10K.” I’ve done dozens of 10Ks in my life, but thought the distance climbed a little too fast since I haven’t done any in a while.

Two – My Mindset:

• I’ve been feeling like a human pinball lately.

• Maybe in another month things will calm down.

Three – The Races:

• Todd came in 4th again in his cyclocross race on a mountain bike. He won a cool belt buckle as a prize. ‘Nuff said.

• Sharkbait made it through her big day as the Swim Race Director of the Orangeman Triathlon. She added some key innovations to improve safety for the all the competitors, especially the newbies. Way to go Sharkbait!

• My master’s teammate, Tammy, finished the Orangeman. We were so proud of her. Can’t wait to give her a hug the next time I see her.

(A bonus pic of Seven. As aloof as cats can be, he's pretty affectionate when he knows I've had a hard day.)