This Week’s Top 6-2-3


• I had a nice belated birthday swim in the bay and dinner with TriDiver and Ryan.

• I went for a bike ride with my shadow and unpaid cycling coach Todd.

• He had me do a time-trial start for the first time. He held my bike seat while I clipped in on both sides, and instructed me to put my bike in the big gear for the start. 3-2-1 – off I went as hard as I could. That was my Tour de France experience for a Monday morning.

• Sharkbait organized a college football/birthday-bash-for-Cathy. Sharkbait graduated from USC. I’m a Syracuse alum. SU is really known for basketball. I didn’t have high expectations for a win, but I had a lot of fun.

• I’m back at my crossfit gym. I did two treadmill runs. Still easing back into everything, but looking forward to doing crossfit again.

• I met a new friend, Sharon, on trail patrol a couple of weeks ago. Turns out she’s a swimmer. I added her to my cell as “Sharon Swimmer.” Her name popped up with an invite to join her and her friend Mary on Saturday morning for an ocean swim in Corona Del Mar. I was psyched to get the practice in with some new pals. The three of us met the next afternoon for another swim. So I set a PR for three open water swims in one week!


• I have to give a shout out to They have a huge selection, including narrow shoes for my skinny foot and neutral shoes for the orthotics I have to wear.

• Their confirmation email said check back within 24 hours for detailed shipping information. Um, they arrived on my front door in less than 24 hours. Their VIP deal is totally worth it.


• Todd came in 4th in his first cyclocross race of the season, missing third by a fraction of a second.

• He did the race on a mountain bike for his new Team Spy Blue Elite Racing Team.

• Found out TriDiver came in first in her age group at the TriRock Triathlon. She edged out her man, Ryan, by only a minute. (They blame the differential on the transition times.) Hey, I knew they’d be pretty compatible when I played matchmaker. I didn’t predict that would include race times!