This Week’s Top 6-2-3


• Seeing my Red Sox have their best July in history with 20 wins (yeah, I’m one of those fans).

• Hearing my 20-year old nephew finally ask, “What kind of bike helmet should I buy?” after I nagged him to wear one for a DECADE!!

• Catching up with Ryan and TriDiver at the last concert in the park of the summer.

• Dancing with my big sister, Jane, and getting some quick cardio
(yeah, it’s genetic).

• Feeling a definite improvement in my energy – FINALLY.

• Starting what I dubbed “sub-base training.” Cause it sort of feels like I’m starting in the basement after the better part of 11 weeks off. (Better it be me than the Red Sox!)


• A great weekend hanging out with my man and man cub. Seven's paws look big here. Definitely an optical illusion.

• A fantastic meditation class with my Ohm sisters. Call it mental training.


• A bike ride to my own private Idaho, a rolling paved stretch inside a park with no cars.

• Another easy peasy ride on the trainer.

• Two aquajogging sessions with my big sister’s marathon training group.