This Week's Top 6-2-3

Okay, I’m later than ever on this week’s top 6-2-3. I’ve been mourning my Patriot’s loss to the Colts! But let’s focus on the positive shall we?

• Spiked my heartrate on a hill workout with the TriDivas on aptly named “Hill St.” Actually, I vote for a name change to “Big Freakin’ Hill St.”
• Enjoyed another breakthrough swim lesson (more later).
• Got up early to swim 4 mornings. One morning it was so cold (low 40s) that steam rose off the water.
• Tried my friend’s Spinerval “Enter the Red Zone.” Yup, my face looked like it entered the red zone after that one.
• Survived my last long, slow distance run before my half marathon.
• Lifted 140 lbs. doing the leg press machine.

• Reading more of “Core Performance Endurance”
• Catching “Fantasy Camp: Paula Newby-Fraser’s Triathlon Camp in Kona” on a new channel called "Fine Living."

• Getting a signed copy of Lynne Cox’s latest book “Grayson.”
• Watching my nephew fulfill part of his confirmation. I’m not Catholic, so these ceremonies are new to me.
• Watching the first half of the Patriots/Colts game.