This Week’s Top 6-2-3


• Cadel Evans, a mountain biker, finally won the Tour de France. Australians want a national holiday to celebrate his yellow jersey.

• Andy and Frank Schleck take 2nd and 3rd in the Tour. Their dad was a pro cyclist.

• Brent Blankner of the podcast Zen and the Art of Triathlon, and ultraswimmer Jamie Patrick swam across Lake Tahoe last Sunday. You can learn more about their adventure here.

Ryan Barnett completed Ironman Lake Placid holding an American and military flags during the last two miles. He finished 4th in his age group and 20th overall. He’s been juggling the dual role of stay-at-home dad of his 8-year old daughter and elite Ironman athlete, while his wife “The Commander” is serving overseas. The family was finally reunited just in time for the race. Think we’ll see him at Kona too.

• One of my favorite bloggers, Ian Milkenson, placed sixth among the pros at Ironman Lake Placid. Sure I admire him for being fast. But in one of his posts a while back he wrote about pulling his car over to help a little old lady who took a fall in a park. I prefer to think of him as racing with a cape, but I guess that wouldn’t be very aero.

• Todd put in a solid six-plus-hour ride on his mountain bike Sunday, after keeping me company for the first 10 miles. Glad to see him get his mo back.


• Muffin top. Yup, more calories in than out the past few weeks. Weird.

• Let’s call it a Minnow muffin top. Somehow, that sounds a little better.


• I had another great ocean swim lesson from David Cox last Saturday.

• I finally met David’s stepdaughter, Amber, who finished Oceanside with us. Well, way ahead of me.

• And an outdoor ride on Blaze. Just an easy peasy spin to make me feel like a triathlete again.