This Week's Top 6-2-3

Marine Stadium Marina, Long Beach

Summer Concert in the Park at Marine Stadium Park, Long Beach


6. I hung out with an 88-year old woman named Mary last night. She was a World War II pilot and told a bunch of funny stories. She's still as sharp as can be and swims with a group of women in Seal Beach. She offered to help me with my ocean swimming this summer. Thanks Mary, I need it!

5. One of my all-time favorite pro triathletes, Melanie McQuaid, completed two races in two states over the weekend – XTERRA Beaver Creek in CO and Vineman 70.3 in CA. Thereby earning enough points to qualify for the XTERRA Nationals and Ironman 70.3 World Championships in 48 hours! How cool is that?

4. Speaking of double-doubles (not the In n' Out kind), Beth and James Walsh took 2nd and 1st place in their age groups at Vineman this weekend. Whatever they're putting in their training mix and Vitamix, it's clearly working.

3. Did I mention that I love Thor? Seeing this sprinter lay it all on the line to take a rather hilly stage on the Tour made my day.

2. Seeing the Frenchman,Thomas Voelkler, win the yellow jersey on Bastille Day made me happy too. It's amazing how a French rider usually pulls off a miracle ride on this holiday each year.

1. I'm moving up in the Tour de France Fantasy Challenge. Now ranked #9,569 out of at least 22,000. Can't wait for the big mountain stages this week.


2. There was only a slight uptick in my energy level this week. I'll take it, but can't wait for more. The phase after shingles feels like mono. You just want to be horizontal.

1. On a mission to fix that Todd got me some 5-hour Energy. I only use it in case of emergency - like meeting an afternoon deadline. I only consume half. Despite the cheesy packaging, it just has caffeine and lots of liquid vitamins in it.


3. My 19-year old nephew, Noah, got to watch me for a change as I practiced my dolphining and getting acclimated to the surf. I'm so proud of this kid. He's worked as a certified chef since he was 17. He cooks for a 5-star restaurant and a pub. His girlfriend Katelyn joined us. She offered to swim with me some more later too. Thanks Katelyn, I need it!

2. The next day, it was Todd's turn. Then we met the family for a concert in the park, picnic and bottle of malbec. It was a perfect summer night.

1. I'm still a big scaredy cat about little waves. When they break near shore, I can't help breaking into a run. So that counts as a brick, right?