This Week’s Top 6-2-3


6. I love Thor! So blown away by his ability to keep the Yellow jersey for a week, especially that last hilly day!

5. Though I personally love rest days, when the Tour takes a rest day, I go into complete withdrawals. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

4. I was absolutely haunted by seeing Chris Horner complete that stage with a serious concussion. He had no idea where he was or if he finished. The real reason he couldn’t continue? If you attempt to play sports before fully recuperating from a concussion, you risk something called “Second Impact Syndrome” which can be lethal or cause permanent brain damage. Concussions don’t show up on MRIs or CT Scans. The neurologists I’ve interviewed on the subject recommend this neurological test to screen for a concussion and determine the best time to return to normal workouts.

3. I’m not sure what’s more perplexing – seeing the number of times Contador crashed or watching him toss his sponsor’s 10,000-Euro bike to the ground in disgust every time he needed a new one.

2. Chrissie Wellington set a new world record of 8:18:13 in the Ironman. I think she’s elevating the sport for women in the same way that Billie Jean King did for tennis.

1. My Versus Fantasy Challenge team is ranked 10,669 out of at least around 20,000.


2. I received some coaching on entering the surf from my friend, David Cox. He’s quite the ocean swimmer and a great teacher. (More later.)

1. Watched my Master’s Swimming friends race in the annual Seal Beach Rough Water Swim on Saturday. I was so proud of them. (More on that later too.)


3. My favorite quote of the week came from pro triathlete, Joanna Zeiger via her husband, “When your body tells you not to workout, it's not lying to you.”

2. Particularly fitting since I was glued to the mattress this week like chewing gum on hot sidewalk. Guess it’s normal post-shingles fatigue thing.

1. My subconscious is taking over for my lack of physical activity. Last night I dreamt I raced in two heats of the mile. The race venue was an underground garage. I dropped out of the second heat because I was so annoyed by all the columns. Yeah, my dreams don’t always make sense, but they’re entertaining.