This Week’s Top 6-2-3


6. I’m thrilled that the Tour de France has begun.

5. It reminds me of one of my happiest TDF memories. My family rented a cottage on Nantucket in ’04. It had a huge 60” plasma, flat-screen TV which was a rarity back then. No one in my family was interested in cycling. But my dad faked it and watched it with me every morning.

4. I’m so glad that I ended up with someone who enjoys the Tour as much as I do each summer.

3. I signed up for the Versus Tour de France Fantasy Cycling Challenge contest for the fifth year in row.

2. I really like my team’s chances: Thor Hushovd, Mark Cavendish, Andy Schleck, Alberto Contador, Robert Gesink, and Mark Renshaw are some of my top picks.

1. Think I qualify as a Thor Hushovd groupie. I took this picture of him at the Tour of California in its inaugural year. He’s one of my favs.


2. Sharkbait’s teenage daughter, a super-talented swimmer, got whomped by a wave last Thursday and hit her head hard enough to hear a crack in her neck. She had to be transported by ambulance on a backboard to the hospital. Scary moments for her mom and friends. We’re all so glad she is okay.

1. The kid still wanted to get back to the beach that afternoon. She’s fearless. (Wish some of that would rub off on me.)


3. I threw up the white flag last week and realized recovering from shingles is not going to be a quick fix. It’s hard to get through a workday, let alone workouts right now. This too shall pass. If you have any loved ones over 60, encourage them to get the vaccine for it. You can't get one if you're younger.

2. An 1,100-yard swim on Saturday left me as fatigued as a 100-mile ride on the bike last year. I fell asleep in front of an old Doris Day movie for the better part of the afternoon. Kind of pathetic. Kind of decadent. I’ll try to dwell on the decadent.

1. Had a fantastic Fourth of July. A nice dinner with steak, Portobello mushrooms, and asparagus grilled on the barbecue with some pasta. Followed by a view of six different towns’ fireworks.