This Week's Top 6-2-3


6. Todd had an awesome race at Kenda U.S. West Cup. (more on that later.)
5. Sharkbait sent me this photo. Anyone who knows me well, calls me "Minnow." If you read this blog that includes you too, if you like.
4. Made it back to Master's swimming after 5 weeks off due to illness.
3. Made it back to Pilates class too.
2. Surprised Todd's brother Ken w/an early 50th b-day party 3 weeks early!
1. Someone asked me to model for a mountain bike catalog. (Really? Go figure.)


2. Count 'em 2 bike rides with Todd, 2 days in a row.
1. Seeing him excited about a 4-foot long snake slithering over the bike path and not freaking out like I usually do.


3. Found a pyramid-style interval workout to try on the treadmill later.
2. Got a new part from Seris for my CycleOps trainer that will make Blaze more comfy around the derailleur.
1. Finally caught up on reading a stack of Triathlete magazines.