This Week’s Top 6-2-3

In the Thanksgiving spirit, I’m doing my best to leave out irritation and exasperation. I know things could be a lot worse. In the last week, my mood dipped like the Dow. Not working out enough and not healing fast enough officially got the best of me.

• 3 days of rehab and core strengthening
• 1 day of swimming
• 2 days of aqua jogging
• 10 miles on the bike trainer in granny gear
• Followed by 1 day of hobbling
• 1.5 hours getting my bike re-fit after changing my pedal stroke over the summer

• Scheduling a second opinion with a doc who treats the Lakers
• Getting the bike fit dialed in

• Learning what another friend went through with his knee
• Hearing how 734’s Dad’s brother resorted to rollerblading and swimming (two things the guy hates) to rehab from two blown Achilles
• My college roommate, “Winter,” talking me down from a disappointing doc appt. and suggesting I do a detailed log of my recovery so far for Dr. Second Opinion