This Week’s Top 6-2-3

After last night, this week’s top 6-2-3 – inspiration, perspiration and celebration – goes completely to my man. His quick action prevented six condos in his complex from burning down. On the way back from his ride, he spotted some smoke coming out of a neighbor’s garage. He ran up to alert the owner who turned out to be a renter who just moved in and had no access to the garage.

Without a key or an access code to it, they scrambled and my guy figured out a way to open it like McGyver. He ran back upstairs to get me to help and grabbed a garden hose. Another neighbor called 911. I held the flashlight on the dark smoky garage while he unloaded boxes of stuff and furniture to reach what was burning. Yeah, I wasn’t too keen on seeing him in danger. He found the culprit – a faux suede couch cushion was leaning up against a light bulb that had been left on. He pulled it out just as the wall was starting to incinerate. His neighbor dowsed it quickly. The stinky, suede couch cushion smoldered in the parking lot. Then the dry wall was dowsed quickly. It was all out before the Fire Dept. arrived. Phew.

I welled up a little bit and stood on the curb watching the rest of the commotion – a crowd of neighbors, two police cars, an ambulance and a fire engine. One of his neighbors, a nice lady spotted me with tears on my cheeks. “Is that your place?” she asked. “Nah.” “Is it your friend’s place?” she inquired again. “Nah. I’m with him,” I answered. “Oh, you’re with the bicyclist. That’s your guy!” she said sweetly. “Yup, that’s my guy,” I answered.

Oh, but it gets better. As I was getting ready to go out for dinner, there was a horrible scream. My hero ran out to help his neighbor, another nice lady who had been pulled to the ground and was wrestling with a large dog who had her small dog in his mouth.

For all the times he’s made it on the podium, I couldn’t have been prouder of him than last night.