This Week’s Top 6-2-3

• Participated in my mountain bike club’s Annual Poker Ride; drew one card at each checkpoint.
• Rode the next day for my monthly Trail Patrol Assistance Volunteer work with the Governor.
• After a lot of climbing, rode down the Mach 1 trail fast, past a sea of yellow mustard plants.
• Discovered some brand new trails at my favorite old spot for mountain biking: Crystal Cove State Park.
• Crashed Sandy’s Master’s swim club workout.
• Woke up early for my first track workout at a local college.

• Met Dave San Jose, the founder of Bikes 90800.
• Gayla and all my other friends who finished Wildflower!

• Saw a couple of red-tailed hawks flirting at the park.
• A birdwatcher showed us their nest on a cell phone tower where there was a fuzzy baby hawk.
• Won a shirt in the Annual Poker Ride raffle; the Governor snagged me an extra case of Fat Tire Skinny Dip Summer Ale.