This is a Good One

A few posts ago, I described our friend Gail, who lost her 16-year battle with cancer. Last weekend, her loved ones threw a party in the park, her Life Celebration.

In attendance was her oncologist, Dr. Link. He and Gail had always talked about going out for a game of golf, but it never came to be. Two weeks ago, he went out to play nine holes in Newport Beach. As a tribute to Gail’s spirit, he played two balls: one pink ball for her and his own white ball. On the 4th hole, he hit a hole in one with the pink ball. (Her first hole in one.) Then he hit another hole-in-one with his white ball. He said he definitely believes in miracles. At the end of this game, Gail beat Dr Link by two strokes.

On Saturday, he gave the pink ball to Lynda, so she could share the story with all of us.

(Note: My only hole-in-one came when I shanked a ball badly and it ended up in one of the practice putting area's holes. I may get out to play a round in the next few days. Maybe she can help me with my game next.)