The Speedometer is Broken

My internal speedometer isn’t working. Coach Beth has been giving me several pacing and speed workouts the past couple of weeks to help prepare me for my next marathon in (gulp) about 8 weeks. For example, Tuesday I had a 9-mile workout with 2 miles at my marathon pace (9:04) and 3 x 1-mile repeats at my cruise interval pace (8:10). I have a Garmin. You'd think this would be much easier. Technology can't compensate for the feet on my gas pedal.

I proceeded to go out too fast for two miles – whoopee, I felt great, oh well and pegged them at 8:37. Then I thought I was having trouble holding a 9:02 mile. Maybe Oakley should come out with bi-focal sunglasses. Turns out I was doing an 8:02. Maybe we can blame that on Justin Timberlake on my ipod shuffle (dare I admit it?). Then the second cruise interval was pokey, but faster than my marathon pace. Back to 8:37. Then I had trouble getting back to the 8:10 at all. 8:23, 8:37….just not 8:10. That was Tues. Today didn’t go any better. I was shooting for my marathon pace for 4 out of 8 miles. I was either at 8:37 or 9:14. Rarely at 9:04. Just a bunch of manic miles. I seem to recall this happened last winter too. And then as it got closer to race day, the cruise control kicked in. I hope it does again soon.