The Optimism of a Fat-Tire Unicyclist

In my last meditation class we watched, Michael J. Fox: Adventures of an Incurable Optimist. It was an interesting documentary on Michael and the subject of optimism. Is it genetic or learned? Watching Michael travel the world in search for answers was inspiring. Watching him play golf with Bill Murrey, despite his spasms from the Parkinson’s was priceless.

After the show was over, my meditation teacher gave us a homework assignment, “Be on the look out for signs of optimism. Come back with two examples to share with the class.” We looked around the room and grinned at the thought of meeting again in a couple of weeks.

So, last weekend I spotted one of them. I was doing my favorite road ride near a state park. Along came this guy on a fat tire unicycle, easily maneuvering past hikers and moving along at a fast clip.

I thought, ‘THAT takes optimism.’ To head out on some ruddy, rugged trails with no handlebars to use for balance or body English to muscle up an incline. No granny gear to fall back on. Just strong quads, a super strong core, and a willingness to go for it. I totally admire this guy.

I’m looking forward to describing him to the group. But of course, I had to share him with you too. Notice any good signs of optimism lately? Feel free to leave a comment. I bet we all would love to read some more. Here he is on the move. (Sorry it's so shaky. I was pretty winded when I took this one.)