The Fear to Adhere

Last week I had an MRI on my knee. Contrary to the first diagnosis a month ago, I do have worn cartilage, which is considered arthritis. My orthopedist gave me a stern lecture. “You can have major surgery in five years or 15 years,” he said. “It’s up to you. If you have pain or swelling in the knee, you have to stop.” On the bright side, he does believe that there will be a solution for folks like me later that won’t involve surgery. In the next breath he said, “I’m not a mean guy. You can keep doing marathons and triathlons, BUT if you feel pain or swelling you have to stop. Muscle pain is fine. Joint pain is not.”

So what next? They’re putting me on a strengthening program for my legs and hips to take the stress off the knees. I guess I built my endurance the past couple of years on a weak foundation. I learned a lot, but didn’t do enough. I’ll spend a lot of time in the pool this winter. I’ll come back stronger, faster, and a tad wiser when it comes to reading my body.

But I am human after all. Sometimes I procrastinate. Sometimes I avoid doing the things that are good for me. That said, I give everyone who knows me and cares about me permission to remind me to do my exercises. Hold me accountable like a 12-step sponsor. Leave comments on future posts. Yeah, feel free to nag. In return, I’ll try to keep this blog more active, entertaining, and inspiring during our off-season.