Texts from My Unpaid Coach

Last week, I began my training for Oceanside in earnest. It was also my week to reclaim my life after seven weeks of long hours, seven days a week. (Seven definitely is the theme around here.) All that work made me feel like Seven. I wanted to ease into my training slowly and give my body time to get used to training for three sports again. Pilates class would also be a must because my body needs it badly right now. I was already tight from work, let alone training. After putting in five days in a row, I took Thursday off. I still felt wiped out on Friday. A double whammy of double groggy for this tri. I decided to make like Seven and take a cap nap for 20 minutes in the afternoon.

That’s when my phone chimed with a text.

Run, run, run, like a Minnow that just heard the 70..3 gun!

I love getting texts from Todd, aka My Unpaid Coach. They often remind me of limericks. Minutes later I received another wake-up call/chime:

Swim, swim, swim like a Minnow that grew some fins!

Yes, his texts often have a good dose of pep talk in them too. I thought, “Cool! He remembered I’m running Friday and swimming early tomorrow with Master’s.” I was mentally trying to think of something witty about the endurance ride he was planning on his single-speed. A few minutes later, another wake-up call/chime – my favorite one of all:

Ride, ride, ride, till the Minnow chaps her tail hide!

Yup, I can always count on my man for a good dose of irreverence too. That did it. I sprung out of bed, still feelin’ a bit like crap and put on my running clothes. I had my best run in a long, long time. And then I answered back:

4.24 mi in 49:23 on the beach! This flower is headed to the shower. Your pep talk gave me the power.

Yeah, we’re not poets and we know it. But one thing I know is true, it means the world to know that there’s someone always there for you. My Unpaid Coach is an amazing mountain biker and cyclocross racer, yet he never makes me feel like I’m less than an athlete. Somehow all the training we do apart, ultimately makes us closer.