Tapering with a Tennis Ball

I’m 11 days away from my first marathon in 20 years. I’m mostly excited. I’m already thrilled with what we’ve accomplished, regardless of how long it takes us to cross the finish line.

I’ve looked forward to this taper like a kid waiting for the last day of school. But I must admit, it could be better. My ITB has flared up again. I’ve heard tapers can bring up aches and pains. Mine has indeed.

I’m not even doing much to warrant it. Last week I saw my chiropractor, Dr. T., and he adjusted me nicely. I’ve soaked in my friend’s Jacuzzi a couple of times. I’ve had massages. This morning I even rolled around on the floor with a tennis ball under those pressure points. (A tip that came to me from Mike Ricci of D3 Multisport, Iron Wil’s coach.) I’ll keep doing this for the next few days. If it doesn’t relax by then, stay tuned for my last resort.