Tag, I'm It.

When I was a kid, tag was my first chance to discover that I wasn’t a sprinter. As a new blogger, I’ve discovered tag has a totally different meaning. Recently, my college roommate posted “5 Little Know Things About Me.” It had really embarrassing things like asking for a haircut like John Denver’s. It finished with “If you have a blog (knowing I just put mine up), it’s your turn to post 5 little known things about you. You’ve been tagged.”

I’ve procrastinated long enough. Here are a few revealing facts about me. And, in the spirit of keeping this blog true to this sport, how these things have prepared me for triathlon.

1. I once accidentally exposed myself to a Senior citizen in an aqua-exercise class at the gym. [Tri lesson: Always check your equipment.]
2. My college roommate and I snuck past five British Navy security posts, so she could capture Prince Andrew returning from the Falkland War for her photojournalism portfolio. [Tri lesson: Get through those transitions as fast as possible.]
3. We also almost got arrested for trespassing in Stonehenge, trying to get more pictures at sunrise. Still have the ripped jacket from hopping the fence, after the security guard chased us. [Tri lesson: RUUUUUUUN.]
4. I was once dragged by a double-decker bus in London. [Tri lesson: If you fail, get back up quickly: jump, run, pedal, or pull harder.]
5. My proudest athletic accomplishment was playing the skip of a curling team. My team consisted of a young couple, new to the sport who regularly fell while sweeping the stones. And a 76-year old legally blind woman who used a telescope device to deliver the stones. We were the Bad News Bears of curling. After 13 weeks, we were undefeated. [Tri lesson: You’ll perform at a higher level with the right encouragement. And, you’re not as bad as you think.]

Magazines left: 11; New ones: 5; Someone enroll me in Evelyn Wood's speed reading.