Swarm of Bees

Yesterday, I went for a nice trail run on a beautiful spring day. I was alone on some single track, navigating the twists, turns, ruts and bushes. In one ear, I heard Chrissie Wellington and Bob Babbitt, discussing her training on my iPod Shuffle. In the other ear, I suddenly heard a loud buzz. I looked past some branches to see a swarm of bees. My eyes must have been as wide as Alf Alpha’s in an old Little Rascals episode. I did a quick 180. And thought ‘Shoot, what did 734’s dad tell me to do if that happened?’ I couldn’t remember. He just told me about how he rode through a swarm a week ago!

Turns out I did the right thing. It’s different running versus riding. But if it should ever happen to you – don’t swat at them. Doing so releases their pheromones, which in turn riles them up in a tizzy to attack you even more. Of course, if one stings you that also releases pheromones. Apparently, they’ll only hang with you for a quarter of a mile – which might seem like an eternity – but isn’t that long on a bike. And if it happens on a run, you may turn into a sprinter after all. I had to stop and catch my breath once I was a safe distance away from the little buggers, and before I could tackle the next hill.