Spinervals: On The Road in Tucson

I’ve been easing into training after an unexpected 2-month hiatus. But the thought of doing Oceanside’s hills in the not-too-distant future, made me think that it’s time to add some hill climbing to my routine. I pulled out a good Spinervals DVD: On the Road in Tucson. I propped up the front wheel of my bike with some of my old advertising annuals (nothing better than Communication Arts) and played along by following Coach Troy up Mt. Lemmon. Fifteen minutes into it, I was “sweating gumdrops” as my mom used to say. Thirty minutes in I was glistening. Fifty minutes in I was drenched. At the top of the climb after an hour and 23 minutes, my bike and I were soaked. Yeah, Coach Troy has that affect on me.

I highly recommend this DVD for the challenge alone. Most of this workout was done in the big chain ring. Occasionally, I found myself leaning to one side or the other, like I was really there – forgetting I was on the trainer. See? I like playing along. Dare I admit? I do that when I’m watching the Tour de France on the trainer too.

In addition to the 14-mile climb up Mt. Lemmon (your actual mileage will vary on the trainer, of course), there is also a ride up Gates Pass in Tucson.