Spicing Up the Training Table

During the off-season, I’ve been taking care of a long list of mental to-dos. Things that I’ve ignored for way too long. I’ve been meaning to cook more – or more than the same ol’, same ol’. But every time I see a great recipe in Real Simple or Beth and Jame’s VO2 Maxxed, it gets shelved for a later date. Greyhound’s quinoa recipe was the final straw. I really wanted to make it. But my spices had turned to you-know-what – stale, caked by the moisture of living by the ocean.

Winter made me a really good spinach soup the first night of my visit. She pulled out little twist-tie bags of spices that I could smell from a few feet away. When I mentioned my pathetic spice rack, she said, “I’ll take you to my food co-op tomorrow. They sell spices in bulk really cheap.” Look what I bought for a whopping $10.60.

Fifteen different spices and herbs – a culinary bargain. I even bought some catnip for Seven.

Then we searched around town for some little zip-lock bags to keep them airtight for my trip – and we found them at what we’d call the “pretty-penny” candy store. Later, Winter showed me how the women store spices in India, a notoriously humid climate. Ah, now I get how they keep their spices so fresh. Little stainless steel spice jars sealed and then stored in another stainless steel container. Maybe I’ll go that route next. For now, these little bags are stored in one big zip-lock bag. That’ll have to do ‘cause I’d much rather save my pennies for something else that’s red hot. I wish I lived closer to a food co-op. Here's a directory of the food co-ops across the country. Maybe there's one near you. (Gives me another excuse to go down to San Diego.)