Signs of Progress

True confessions, I’ve been feeling a little left out of the triathlon circle this year. I know I’m a work in progress right now. But it’s funny to think of how far my fitness has fallen in so many ways. Couple that with reading what all my tri buddies have been up to – rides up Palomar, 18-mile runs, 2-mile swims. Race after race, week after week, my eyes grow wide in front of the computer screen. I’m so impressed, yet incredibly envious. Which shows that I’m definitely coming back one way or another.

Since June, I’ve been taking Pilates 2 or 3 times a week. I was an absolute klutz at pretty much everything that first month. Okay, maybe the first two months. Then in August, things started to click a little more. I still feel like I have lots to learn, no doubt about it. However, I had two moments in two different classes this past week where I realized, ‘Hey, I guess I’m getting better.’

My cool Pilates instructor, Toni, said:

“Okay everybody, if you need to take a rest, let your leg down.” I did and she quipped, “Not YOU!”

Then on Tuesday, we had a super crowded class. Toni was standing up and moving from student to student to correct everyone’s form and alignment. Next thing I knew, she blurted, “Okay everybody, watch Amelia demonstrate.”

I wasn’t expecting that… can I just happily say I wasn’t expecting that? Come on, you gotta admit, it’s the next best thing to a race report or a PR.