Recommended Reading (Shameless Plug)

I entered an essay contest a few weeks ago. We were asked to write about our own personal philosophy on triathlon and how this sport has changed our lives. The top 15 essays were published yesterday in The Meaning of Tri: The Hearts and Minds Behind the Swim, Bike and Run. The top three essays won an underwater mp3 player. So, even though I’m not racing anytime soon, what do ya’ know? I podiumed.

You can read about my improbable journey to become a triathlete here. My essay is called “Half-Iron Minnow.” It’s a downloadable book with a budget price, so you can save your money for important things like Gu and spare tubes. Mindset has a pretty cool concept going – they have all kinds of endurance-oriented sports books available for download. These books will help you save money and the planet. If you do read it, thanks!