Ready for a Winter Escape?

I’m posting this for my friends and followers who are stuck in the deep freeze and have had it up past the snow banks in their driveways by now. Yes, I remember what it was like to miss school three weeks in a row – long before you could email or text your friends. I remember walking to the market and trudging home with the snow suddenly past my kneecaps with arms full of groceries in college (you can call that the “whiteout workout)”. I remember a 40-minute commute that turned into an 8 1/2-hour drive home during a state-of-emergency. I relied on the kindness of strangers to push me out of a Friendly’s parking lot after I stopped for dinner. And then I frantically jumped up and down on the trunk of my car, desperately trying to persuade it to roll forward in an unplowed driveway minutes before it would have been bulldozed by the town snowplow. (If only we had a You Tube video of that – it was priceless.)

So kick back and enjoy a little time in front of your virtual beach here. Throw another log on the fire. Turn up the thermostat a degree or two. And turn on some reggae music. Spring season will be here soon.