Pink Caps

Most know I’m not the bravest soul when it comes to the start of a triathlon. I don’t like the churning of water or the thrashing and flailing of arms and limbs. I’m getting better at coping with each tri. But I couldn’t help but notice that I was not the only one in my wave of 35-year olds and up who felt this way. In fact as I glanced around at about 75 pink-capped women in wetsuits, I didn’t spot anyone who wasn’t like me. Oh sure, I know there must’ve been a few, judging from their swim times. Overall, I noticed a crowd of hesitant women convening at the back and over to the right, near the rocks. I broke the ice by yelling, “Does anyone want to be in the front?!” The women around me laughed. Uh, that was a “No!”