Per Chance to Sleep

Benson had an interesting little post on the importance of sleep for recovery today. It made me laugh since I got exactly three hours and forty-five minutes of sleep last night. Lack of normal sleep has been a pattern since my surgery in January.

I finally brought it up with my physical therapist, Laura, today. She said, “The two most common complaints I get from patients are pain and lack of sleep. Your body is just used to more activity.”

In other words, it has nothing to recover from.

I wake up in the middle of the night with my brain buzzing with ideas or, worse case, worrywart scenarios. I’m also prone to very comical dreams, so sometimes I wake up in fits of giggles too. (Seriously who lets King Kong’s cute cousin sleep in the fetal position in a two-car garage? In my dreams? My neighbor.) I need help.

Jamie, my pilates therapist, suggested I try some tea to help me sleep.
Laura suggested I swim to the point of exhaustion as often as possible.

On the way home tonight, I bought some Yogi Bedtime tea at Sprouts. Tomorrow night, I’ll swim as long as I can manage. ‘Cause I’ve gotta get my beauty sleep so I can cheer on Ryan, Tawnee, and Iron Mickie at Oceanside on Saturday! Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if I finally slept in that day? Ha, NO WAY!