Peaceful Waves

I saw my acupuncturist, Jeffrey, yesterday. The first time I saw him I was exceedingly skeptical and desperate. In the past few years, I’ve seen him a handful of times. He has always miraculously cured what ails me. Summer vertigo that historically went on for weeks or months? Gone. Super sore ITB right before the marathon? Never felt it the whole race.

My hamstrings had been tight for a couple of weeks. The thought of 7 hours of training this weekend made me nervous. I just couldn’t afford getting seriously injured now. My calves weren’t too happy either.

Lately I’ve been pushing my body physically and emotionally to its limits. I can’t afford to get sick now. I've been feeling a bit like the Girl in the Glass Bubble, trying to avoid the flu and all the other bugs lurking around this winter.

I seemed to recall from my high-school Chinese history class that acupuncture treatments boost the immune system too. I asked, “Hey Jeffrey, can you do anything for my immune system too?”

“Of course,” he replied.

“Can you do anything to help with grief?” I asked, explaining that I lost my mother in December.

“Of course! There are grief points on the meridian. It’s a mind, body and spiritual practice,” he explained.

“There are grief points?” I was both enlightened and amused.

“Got anything for focus?” I continued to pry him for anything to fix me up. “I’ve had the attention span of a gnat since I lost my mom,” I admitted.

“Oh, that’s normal,” he explained some more, “The Chinese say when you go through something traumatic your chi gets scattered. Not to worry.”

I lay down on the table on my stomach. He strategically inserted needles from stem to stern. For my tight hammies and calves, I felt a few rather large needles. Small needles in my calves too to help with emotions. More over my heart, lungs and liver to the help the immune system. More between my lower shoulder blades to help with grief. And eight needles in my head and neck to help with focus. Then he left me there for a longer session than usual, listening to Indian sitar music (he has quite a selection of relaxing stuff).

He returned to the room, and I could hear him drop all these needles in a pan. “How many did you put in me today?” I asked. He laughed, “About 50!”

Little Miss High Maintenance! She hasn’t felt this good in months.

If you live in the Southern California area, I highly recommend Jeffrey at Peaceful Waves. See the link above in the post title to make an appointment.

P.S. I have another week to raise money for injured soldiers and the Challenged Athletes Foundation. I would be soooo grateful for any donation that you can afford. See the link in the top right-hand margin to make a contribution now.