“No Swimming in the Pool”

Apparently, there’s a sign that says that in rehab. I honestly can’t remember if I ever noticed. Yesterday was my last day of aqua rehab. At first this made me pout. I was dressed in my swimsuit and looking forward to getting in the warm water after doing my patriotic duty and paying my taxes, and receiving a notice for Jury Duty.

They stopped me at the door and directed me back to the “land workout” area. More weights with more weight plates. More pilates and suggestions to improve my form. More biking. More squats on the balance board. And the addition of the Stairclimber and my physical therapist’s attempt to straighten my knee. It looked to me like she was doing CPR on the wrong body part. It made wish for something a tad stronger than just ice afterwards. But I think it’s working. I felt the back of my knee press against the table for slightly longer than a nanosecond.