No Longer Protecting His Identity

This is 734, the secret “prison” number name given to this rescue, which equals my blog name +111. (Who knew? Not me for the longest time!) 734, known around here as, “Seven.” is one of the most acrobatic critters around. Every morning he has to have his workout. He snatches one of my snapped ponytail holders out of the air, quickly places it in his mouth, and brings it back to his owner. He dribbles thrown kibbles like a Laker. He chases the feather on a stick like a wild lion attacking his prey. And he’s very serious about all. of. it. This is his performance coach, who I’ve referred to as “734’s Dad” for a long time now. He’s quite the athlete too. An amazing mountain biker on gears and single-speed who prefers to keep it low-key (hence the anonymity all this time). Out of the blue, he mentioned to me, “You can use my name on your blog.” Hey everybody, meet Todd. His nickname is “Toad.” From now on, I’ll refer to him as one or the other.

This seems to be the week where he gets to meet everyone. Last night, he met my Ironman friends at Ryan’s send-off dinner for Ironman St. George. And this week, he’ll finally meet my dad. We’re heading back east for a visit and my high-school reunion. Can’t wait. And can't wait for the texts from TriDiver reporting in Ryan's splits. Yup, Saturday is going to be a big day for all of us.