My Orange Crush — Part II

So before I took my brand, new “Crush” out for a spin, I had to have a few minor adjustments made to the hydraulic disk brakes, plus a pedal transplant from my old bike. I had the guys give it a good once over, too.

The bike mechanics at Jones Bicycles were super helpful. I asked these young guys, “What could I do to make this bike lighter for X-Terra?” I wanted ideas. Small cheap tweaks. Other things I could change incrementally over time.

They simultaneously looked down at my bike — deep in thought. I had little doubt that I caught two future engineers brainstorming out loud. I looked up at them with anticipation. What could they possibly recommend?

“You could get a lighter seat post.”

“Cut the bar ends,” the other chimed in, “Or get lighter bars — Easton makes a carbon.”

“That seat isn’t very light.”

“You could save some weight with a different stem.”

“You could get Panaracer Green Super Lite tubes.”

“John Tomac tires.”

“A Salsa quick release.”

“You could switch out that derailleur with a road derailleur.”

“They make lighter disk brakes too.”

“Your fork is good, but you could go lighter.”

“You could get lighter wheels.”

“We could change out those hubs.”

“We can get anything for ya’. Just let us know.”

Yup, I had to ask. OR…

I could get a new triathlon bike!