My Imaginary Dog Ate My Guided Visualization

For the past three weeks I’ve been taking a meditation class through my recreation department. I always thought meditation would be good for me, but never got around to practicing it on a consistent basis on my own. I thought a class would help me make it more of a habit. Even with the best of intentions, change can take a while to set in.

Today, I confessed to my instructor that I didn’t do my homework. The class erupted into laughter over my honesty. So did the teacher. So did I. Once the giggles subsided, my instructor gently reminded me, “Just do five minutes a day. That’s 2 1/2 hours a month. That’s 30 hours a year.”

In that moment it sunk in that if I took that approach to everything, my bank account would always be reconciled, my apartment would be dust free, my jewelry would never tarnish, my floors would be vacuumed, my vitamins would need to be restocked more often, my bikes' chains would be clean, my arms and core would be stronger, my body would be limber, and (getting back to the point of that meditation class) I’d be a lot more focused and relaxed.

Okay, your turn: What could you accomplish in five minutes a day?