My First Run After Surgery

It had been 9 months and 24 days since my last run. My surgeon gave me the clear to start running for ten minutes on July 20th. I erred on the side of caution because I have new orthotics that I’m breaking in. After watching the Aflac Women’s Triathlon on TV yesterday morning, I couldn’t stand waiting much longer.

First, I went for a ride on my mountain bike on the pavement. I did my favorite 11.25-mile loop. I spun my legs easy and enjoyed the scenery. Then, I took a long T1, changed my shoes, pet the cat, and grabbed 734’s Dad. We walked down to a dirt path that’s fairly flat near his place. He gave me one of his famous pep talks. “Run light on your feet like an Indian Squaw!” he said. I definitely had a little trepidation. If it hurt to run what would that mean for my future aspirations?

After a few steps, I felt instantly relieved. After several more, I felt winded. I didn’t want to stop. I didn’t want to push my luck. I ran back toward 734’s Dad and he looked pretty happy, too. According to the Garmin, I ran a little over three quarters of a mile. Then we walked back. I felt a slight tinge of pain going up the stairs, so I’m still going to be conservative with it for a while. Overall, it felt great. When we got home, this is the recovery drink he mixed for us – margaritas made with fresh limes and no artificial stuff. If I had any pain that would've killed it for sure!