My Cyclocross Champ

  I promised myself I wouldn’t post another thing until I got this one done. Todd definitely earned an exclusive post here. He won another title! This time he snagged the SoCalCross Southern California Prestige Series of Cyclocross (Master’s A 45+).

They counted the best 11 races out of a possible 21. If my numbers are correct, he raced 19 out of 21 of them. It was a suspenseful season that began in September and ended in late January. Quite a few of those weekends involved racing on both days.

Cyclocross is quite a departure from his mountain bike races. Instead of disappearing up the mountain trails for 45 minutes for each loop, they completed as many 1.5-2-mile loops as possible in about 45 minutes alone. In the process, they had to jump off their bikes to climb over barriers 10% of the time. Kind of reminds me of steeplechase, except with a bike in hand.

It’s a high-intensity race that involved a lot of team tactics that remind me of watching the Tour de France – complete with dramatic sprints across the line. (The photo below shows him reaching for the win.) They raced in grass, asphalt, mud, and sand.

Todd had some tough challenges along the way – a nasty cold that kept him out for a couple of weeks, an even nastier crash that had him hobbling for a good part of another week, and a frustrating mechanical that lead to a DNF. But he came back from those mid-season snafus stronger than ever. His best eleven races were all firsts and seconds.

Cyclocross is a family affair here. His brother Brad won the Single Speed A category and finished on top of the podium, too. He raced in 21 out of 21 races and faced some pretty incredible competition out there.

I have to give huge props to Dorothy Wong, who organized every single one of these races. Each week, she put on these flawless events with fun, creative, and generous prizes – and even found the time to race herself. I swear I was rooting for her just as loudly as I was for the brothers! And, of course, I need to thank his sponsors Spy Optics and Blue Bicycles. The guys had a great time racing with Team Spy Blue.