My Adventurous Friends: Tawnee Paddled to Catalina

My friends have inspired this new series. They’ve embarked on or are planning some pretty epic adventures. Like Tawnee, who recently entered a 27-mile outrigger canoe race to Catalina, which you can read about here. Pretty amazing stuff. Her team of 10 rowers paddled in shifts and for the changeovers, they had to dive back and forth between their outrigger and race support boat like stampeding dolphins.

As much as I love writing and reading about our triathlon adventures, I think this series will provide a nice little break, living vicariously through others. I think it’ll be fun to see what our fellow tris are doing with their off-season or what other athletes are doing to follow their own bliss. So, every now and then, I’ll be looking for more stories just like this one – online and offline. This is where you’ll find those who are willing to go off the beaten path because it’s their true passion and what they were meant to do. And those who are willing to explore something totally new. ‘Cause this is the stuff that makes us all feel alive.