Maybe It's Genetic.

I guess I’ve always been drawn to sports that were a little different. So it’s not a huge surprise that I could so easily fall for triathlon (other than my lifelong fear of water, of course). I think my nephew, Noah, is the same way.

Last Friday, I took him and his buds to the annual paintball festival. In the car, I was like a fly on the wall listening to their conversation. I needed a decoder ring or something. His friend said something like “I’m getting a Core for my X-7, a CP ASA, and MT-65.” Then there was a pause that was punctuated by the phrase, “It’s gonna be so tight.” Followed by a chorus of “Yeah, that’s gonna be so tight.” Aha, he was talking about his paintball gun. It sounded like complete Greek or Latin to me.

But then I thought, if my nephew had been stuck in the car with three triathletes, the conversation would’ve gone something like, “Yeah, I’m getting a T2 Cobra Wing for my Felt with SRAM, Zipp 404s, and Speedplays….it’s gonna be so cool.” Yup, that would’ve made a whole lot of sense to him.

After we got out of the car and walked towards the Paintball Expo tents, I noticed a distinct change in these three teenage boys. There was that extra bounce in their steps — heals never quite touching the ground. The closer we got to that big tent, the faster they went.

I laughed. That was just how me and my friends were two months ago, heading to the same tent for the Pacific Shoreline Marathon Expo. I guess it doesn’t really matter what the sport is as long as it makes you happy.