Kenevil is On The Mend

In early July, I posted about a very sick sea lion that we spotted in Seal Beach right before our open water swim. We called for help and the Pacific Marine Mammal Center came through for the little guy. I tried to see him in person after my trail patrol at El Moro last month, but he was still in isolation. I learned he was doing better then and taking in solid food finally. They just didn’t want to expose the other sea lions to parasites and anything else that was upsetting his system.

A few days later, one of the volunteers down there emailed me a picture of him after he was finally allowed to swim with the other sea lions. A hopeful sign.

So last weekend after trail patrol, I stopped by again. Kenevil was doing so much better. It’s amazing. I arrived in time to see his weekly weigh-in. When he was first admitted, he weighed 52 pounds. That afternoon, he weighed 91 pounds. They’re hoping to get him up to 120 pounds.

Then they put him back in the big pool with the ladies. I even witnessed him being a little territorial because they added a new boy to the mix. Apparently Kenevil has enjoyed being the token male all week and didn’t like the competition. It was funny to observe the action. One of the volunteers caught this clip of him when he was acting mellow.

They’re hopeful that he’ll be released in a couple of weeks. It made my afternoon to see the awesome work they do with the seal lions and elephant seals at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. If you’re in the Laguna Beach area, driving or riding through Laguna Canyon, you should check it out for a few minutes. Or you can see what they’re doing online. Definitely has a way of making you feel better about the world to see these guys rescue and rehabilitate marine mammals.